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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago: 1894

Lotus Power, the boy giant of Corinth, was in town last Saturday.  Lotus is only 15 years old and weighs 383 pounds. He is strong and comparatively active and works at his father’s sawmill. He is perhaps the largest boy of his age on record. 

W. F. Hill sent in the first cotton bloom Tuesday to the News, the first we have seen this year.  Mr. Hill is cultivating Mr. Will Sanger’s Blackland farm and planted his cotton on the 17th of March. 


97 years ago: 1922

A number of the businesses of this city have organized a Merchants Entertainment Club, which will have for its mode of entertainment a free picture show at the Liberty Theatre every Wednesday night for the next eight weeks, beginning next Wednesday. There are fifteen of the city’s businesses participating in the entertainment feature and these places will give free tickets with purchases made on Wednesday of each week.

Heavy bones of all kinds may be put to use as chicken feed by baking until brittle and then rolling or pounding them into small crumbs.  These baked bones furnish mineral matter which is of great importance for good nutrition. Bones for baking are more or less abundant on every farm.

The white brick school building in Nashville was demolished in the early 1950s to make room for a new elementary building. Pictured are A. L. Gibson, Harold Haller. Cecil Shuffield and Ramon Wilson.

(Adv.) I will take any kind of country produce in exchange for my work on guns, phonographs, clocks, etc. I need the work and you all know what I can do. C. P. Sutton, gunsmith


67 years ago: 1952

The 1952 peach season opened with increasing activity Monday. Picking began in an estimated 25 large orchards and many small ones. Buyer Bob McClure said Monday morning that market prices looked good with good demand.

Ivan Davis, a pepper farmer of Madison Township, while scouting his pepper patch found that army bugs had dug in near the center of the patch.  Fortunately, Mr. Elvin Dyer offered his assistance and advised him to circle about two bushels of bugs and burn and by the use of a brush the bugs went west.

Joe T. Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs.  Homer Jackson of Umpire, who was recently promoted to private first class, is now serving with the 25th Infantry Division in Eastern Korea.  Pfc. Jackson is a radio operator. He entered the army in April 1951 and arrived in Korea last April.

45 years ago: 1974

Dr. Sammy Peebles, son of Superintendent and Mrs. M. H. Peebles of Saratoga has begun his internship at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. He worked with the Memorial Hospital staff here after graduation from the UA Medical Center.  Sammy is expected to join the staff here eventually.

Two sisters, Mrs. Starling Wright of Nashville and Mrs. Evelyn Massey of San Diego were reunited here after 56 years of separation. They were born at Hope and due to some unknown cause were separated when Starling was 12 years of age and Evelyn was 6 years old. Through correspondence of friends, the sisters discovered each other’s whereabouts in December 1973. Mrs. Massey arrived here on June 8 and will depart for her home next week.

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