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State park reservation system updated, improved


Guests of Arkansas State Parks will soon see an improved reservation system available later this month. The parks system has been using two separate products for reservations, but now it will be streamlined into one.

To maximize the time used to make the switch, the reservation system will be offline from July 15-29. No future reservations will be taken during this timeframe.  Guests who come to the park during this period and want accommodations during their visit can come to the desk to inquire and will be accommodated if we have availability.

These reservations must be in person and for same day accommodations.

“I think it will be a more stable reservation system than we’ve had in the past,” said Arkansas State Parks Marketing and Revenue Manager Joe Jacobs.

“It will be a lot smoother for the customers and will improve their guest experience.”

The data to be transferred is massive. For instance, Petit Jean State Park has more than 3,000 reservations already scheduled for the upcoming year. Entering that data by hand is a time-consuming task.

However, taking the time to do so will help eliminate problems associated with an electronic transfer, such as double booking. Also, new employees will get a chance to practice putting reservations in our system. All confirmed reservations made before the offline period will still be valid.

“We won’t be utilizing a call center going forward,” said Jacobs.

“Once we go live with the new reservation system, guests will call the park directly. This will allow guests to receive the most accurate and timely information about the park when making their reservation.”

Guests who want to make a reservation for the future can do so online or call the park directly starting July 29.

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