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Murfreesboro fire dept. to collect dues inside, outside of city limits


By John Balch

News-Leader staff

The Murfreesboro City Council voted Monday night to implement an annual fire protection dues collection program for residents outside of the city limits but within the Murfreesboro fire district.

The program will give residents outside the limits but within the district the option to pay $35 in annual dues to be covered by the Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department “the same as if they were residents” of the city. The move will do away with the dues collected by the Lake Greeson fire substation, according to Fire Chief Randy Lamb.

But, before any resident outside the limits shall be eligible to pay the annual dues only if they are caught up on any past due amounts for any previous fire or rescue calls.

Residents outside the city limits who opt not to pay the $35 dues will be charged $500 for any fire or rescue efforts on their property worked by the Murfreesboro department.

Also Monday, the council heard a request from the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce to look into having the entity that owns the old Murfreesboro Cities Service Station and pavilion deeded over to the city. The property is owned by the Murfreesboro Community Foundation and its four members – Jane Terrell, Louella Terrell, Gary Don Turner and J.W. Walls.

The station was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 2003 for its architecture and engineering significance.

Chamber representative Jane Fugitt said the chamber would like to see the historic property restored to their original state and be used to its fullest capacity by the city and tourists. Fugitt also said there are historic grants available for the restoration project.

The council took no action on the request and is expected to revisit the topic next month after more information is secured.

The city’s recent purchase of the former Bear State Bank building for $150,000 was also discussed Monday, including concerns of the Murfreesboro Tourism & Advertising Commission, as presented by Jean Floyd.

Mayor Rodney Fagan appointed a two-person committee to oversee the the transition of city operations to the new location. Currently, the city’s water and sewer and police departments are planned to be housed in the new location.

The transition committee members include Lewis Gills and Mark Barnes. Council member Jeff Walls turned downed a spot on the committee since he voted against the building purchase.

The city is expected to close on the building sale Aug. 6. Fagan said the city may look into borrowing against a CD instead of cashing it to help pay for the building, which is expected to be paid off in five years.

The council also approved Recorder/Treasurer Penny Lamb’s financial report, which included the following beginning and ending balances for June:

General Fund


Street Fund


Park Dept.


Water & Sewer Dept.





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