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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago:  1894

William Anderson, a farmer who lives near Washington in Hempstead County, will be a century old next February.  Capt. Matthew Moss living near Washington is 88 and has lived in the county 76 years.  He emigrated from Virginia with his father landing at Fulton in 1818. There are many other people of great age scattered all over Hempstead County.

A recent marriage by proxy that took place in New York, the bridegroom at the time being in Texas, has been the subject of considerable discussion in newspapers. There seems to be considerable doubt as to whether or not it is a valid marriage.  But as the courts of New York are as favorable to marriages as those in South Dakota and Chicago are to divorces, it would probably be so held.

(Adv.) Ice at Holt and Holt’s at I cent per pound by the block and 2 ½ cents by retail. Come on down and get your ice on and after June 10th


97 years ago: 1922

Dierks Legion Hut, circa 1950

At the regular meeting of the city council Monday night it was decided to give the people in the district west of Main Street and south of Dotson Creek in Nashville an opportunity to express their wishes concerning a proposed chicken law in this district. The voting to be done next week at the News Office. All voters in the district will get an opportunity to express wishes regarding the proposed law.

Notice: Next Sunday will be Parents’ Day in Sunday School at the Baptist Church in Nashville. If you are not a Baptist, you are invited to come. If you are a Baptist, you are expected to be there.  J. A. Fortune, SS Superintendent.

(Adv.) Poverty is an ugly buzzard that is hatched from the egg of shiftlessness. Bank of Nashville.


67 years ago: 1952

The Reverend John L. Ferguson will take post as pastor at the Temperanceville Missionary Baptist Church located on Highway 4 from Nashville. He will deliver his first sermon as pastor Sunday at 11 a.m.

Death triumphed in a dramatic manner at the hospital here Thursday. At stake was the life of a 45-year-old Columbus woman, Clara Hamilton, whose heart amazingly continued to beat 14 hours and 15 minutes after she stopped breathing.  The patient suffered from a brain tumor.

An 11-year-old youth was treated Saturday for snake bite and was released Sunday from Memorial Hospital.  The boy, Roland Coulter of Center Point, said the snake was a water moccasin.  

(Adv.) At the Elberta, Sunday and Monday. It is all new! It is all fun! Universal-International presents Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride in “Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair.”


65 years ago: 1974

Final decisions concerning the Howard County Historical Journal were made in a meeting June 2 by members of the Howard County Heritage Club. A tape recording from a collection of interviews with elderly citizens of Center Point called “They Remember” was presented by Mrs. C. E. Jackson. 

The interview selected to be played was that of Albert Vaughn, who is almost 80 years old. His remembrance included some of the most dramatic incidences of Center Point history. Marcus Ray Blakely presided at the meeting.

Fire caused by lightning destroyed the Murray barn on state highway 4 west of Nashville during a thunder storm Tuesday night. The barn is across the road from the famous Russey-Murray red brick house built about 1851. A total of 3,000 bales of hay and one peach machine were destroyed.

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