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Texas hiker found in Polk County after six day search


POLK COUNTY – A search for a Texas man missing on a hiking trip for almost a week had a happy ending with his safe return early Saturday morning.
The hiker, 38 year old Joshua McClatchy of Fort Worth Texas, was last seen June 1 before taking to the Buckeye Trail east of Mena.
Reports state that he contacted his mother from the trail to tell her he was lost on the trail. Authorities stated that after his family contacted them they were able to locate his car at the Buckeye trailhead.
Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer stated that lost hikers are common in that area, but they are usually found within a few hours.
It was reported that McClatchy did have protein bars and bottled water with him, though it’s unclear how much he consumed before getting lost. He also had a filter straw that could help him drink potentially unclear water, his family said.
McClatchy had taken to the trail after a month of planning, but it was his first solo hiking trip.
Search crews searched throughout the week, using everything at their disposal, including rescue helicopters. It was Friday night around 10:30 p.m. when a National guard helicopter spotted a flash light in the trees.
Crews began to zero in on his location, but the rough terrain slowed their progress. It would be approximately four hours later before he was rescued.
McClatchy was reported to be dehydrated when discovered and was taken to Mena Regional Medical Center for evaluation.