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Mineral Springs considers vacant mayor’s office


Although his resignation was effective at noon on May 15, Mineral Springs citizens will have to wait until next week to find out how the vacancy created by Mayor Bobby Tullis’s resignation will be filled.

The council’s regular meeting for June will be Monday, June 10.

According to City Recorder-Treasurer April Nail who has been researching the law, the council could appoint someone to fill the vacancy, or they could call for a special election.

Tullis’s resignation was unexpected. On social media and by letter to the city recorder-treasurer he announced his resignation. On social media he said the resignation was on advice of his physician.

MS Alderman Steve Dixon, himself a former town mayor, was named by resolution in July to serve as interim mayor in certain situations.

Town council members include Vera Marks, Charles Deloney, Earle Haddan, Steve Dixon, Frankie Harris and James Jeanes.

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