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R.M. Bell Memorial Relays @ MS Hornet Stadium

TOP JUMPER. Centerpoint’s Jasmine Keener clears the bar in the high jump event. Keener won the event with a 5’4” jump.

Local senior high track teams competed last week in the RM Bell Memorial Relays at Mineral Springs.

In the boys’ division, Gurdon won the meet with 163 points. Local schools in the running included fourth place Mineral Springs with 55 points, fifth place Caddo Hills with 46 points, sixth place Centerpoint with 42 points, seventh place Blevins with 39 points, eighth place Murfreesboro with 30 points and tenth place Dierks with 5 points.

Those receiving points, by team order of finish, in each discipline included: 

Mineral Springs:

Ladarius Hicks, fourth place 100 meter dash, 11.73

Ladarius Hicks, fifth place, 200 meter dash, 24.49

Josh Jackson, seventh place 800 meter run, 2:40.45

Josh Jackson, sixth place 1600 meter run, 5:37.30

Estavon Bravo, seventh place 3200 meter run, 15:38.27

Devon Swopes, first place 110 meter hurdles, 17.58

Kejiuan Hicks, fifth place 110 meter hurdles, 20.36

Devon Swopes, eighth place 300 meter hurdles, 50.55

K’Anthony Brown, Devon Swopes, Kejiuan Hicks and Ladarius Hicks. third place 4×100 meter relay, 47.73

Tralyn Thomas, Josh Jackson, K’Anthony Brown and Kejiuan Hicks, fourth place 4×400 meter relay, 4:46.40

Kejiuan Hicks, second place triple jump, 40’10”

K’Anthony Brown, seventh place triple jump, 37’

Jackson Turley, sixth place discus, 88’4”

Caddo Hills:

Colton Cowart, eighth place 200 meter dash, 25.35

David Gonzalez, first place 1600 meter run, 5:20.58

Cole Farmer, eight place 1600 meter run, 6:01.33

Jordan Foster, first place 3200 meter run, 11:16.28

David Gonzalez, second place 3200 meter run, 12:05.14

Andy Jackson, eighth place 3200 meter run, 14:13.50

Sam Bell, second place 300 meter hurdles, 44.80

Sam Bell, Ty Beggs, Connor Kincannon and Colton Cowart, fourth place 4×100 meter relay, 48.88

Colton Cowart, seventh place long jump, 18’9.5”


Rance Turner, sixth place 200 meter dash, 24.64

Tristan Rodriguez, first place 800 meter run, 2:32.09

Tristan Rodriguez, seventh place 1600 meter run, 5:48.65

Taylor Garner, fourth place 110 meter hurdles, 20.00

Rance Turner, first place 300 meter hurdles, 42.51

Taylor Garner, sixth place 300 meter hurdles, 48.10

Taylor Graner, Keaton Nunez, Tristan Rodriguez and Tyler Light, third place 4×800 meter relay, 10:29.80

Rance Turner, sixth place triple jump, 37’1”


Gabriel Tharp, eighth place 800 meter run, 2:46.68

David Franks, fifth place 300 meter hurdles, 48.49

Ethan Dixon, Tylek Jacobs, David Franks and Tyrek Jacobs, fifth place 4×100 meter relay, 51.04

Tylek Jacobs, David Franks, Tyrek Jacobs and Ethan Dixon, third place 4×400 meter relay, 4:12.10

Tylek Jacobs, Ethan Dixon, Tyrek Jacobs and Monterian Todd, first place 4×800 meter relay, 10:20.21

David Franks, sixth place high jump, 5’6”

Tylek Jacobs, seventh place high jump, 5’6”

Tyrek Jacobs, fourth place long jump, 19’4.5”

Tylek Jacobs, fifth place long jump, 19’3.5”


Nathan Plyler, seventh place 100 meter dash, 11.96

Nathan Plyler, first place 400 meter dash, 55.26

Ketrick Dennis, eighth place 400 meter dash, 61.58

Jared Taylor, second place 800 meter run, 2:32.12

Zayne Flaherty, seventh place shot put, 41’

Gavin Rawls, eighth place shot put, 39’9”

Justin Faulkner, third place discus, 104’7”


Brian Burk, sixth place shot put, 41’1”

Brian Burk, seventh place discus, 87’.5”

In the girls’ division, Murfreesboro won the meet with 137 points. Other local schools finishes included sixth place Centerpoint with 57 points, seventh place Mineral Springs with 20 points, eighth place Dierks with 11 points and ninth place Caddo Hills with 4 points.

Those receiving points, by team order of finish, in each discipline included:


Rina Feuget, eighth place 100 meter dash, 15.08

Elizabeth Evans, third place 200 meter dash, 28.98

Elizabeth Evans, fourth place 400 meter dash, 68.33

Emma Corbitt, sixth place 400 meter dash, 69.40

Megan Rowton, third place 800 meter run, 3:02.49

Elizabeth Evans, second place 100 meter hurdles, 19.41

Dakota Fugitt, third place 100 meter hurdles, 20.11

Dakota Fugitt, fourth place 300 meter hurdles, 58.27

Addison Norris, eighth place 300 meter hurdles, 63.67

Rina Feuget, Addison Norris, Madison Humphry and Emma Corbitt, second place 4×100 meter relay, 56.10

Emma Corbitt, Rhealee Campbell, Dakota Fugitt and Megan Rowton, second place 4×800 meter relay, 12:22.63

Elizabeth Evans, second place high jump, 5’4”

Emma Corbitt, fourth place high jump, 4’10”

Rhealee Campbell, first place pole vault, 6’6”

Rina Feuget, second place pole vault, 6’6”

Elizabeth Evans, third place long jump, 15’3”

Emma Corbitt, fifth place long jump, 14’9.5”

Rina Feuget, seventh place triple jump, 29’11”

Madison Humphry, first place shot put, 37’5”

Jacey Saldana, second place shot put, 35’11”

Addison Norris, second place discus, 84’2”

Jace Saldana, third place discus, 78’6”


Jasmine Keener, second place 100 meter dash, 14.11

Jasmine Keener, first place 200 meter dash, 29.36

Gabby Ramirez, second place 1600 meter run, 6:43.97

Whitney Neighbors, third place 1600 meter run, 6:50.52

Whitney Neighbors, first place, 3200 meter run, 14:59.60

Jasmine Keener, first place high jump, 5’4”

Jasmine Keener, fourth place long jump, 15’3”

Mineral Springs:

Dakota Smith, fourth place 200 meter dash, 29.88

Dakota Smith, second place 400 meter dash, 67.10

Dakota Smith, sixth place 300 meter hurdles, 60.05

Dakota Smith, fifth place shot put, 31’10”


Emily Gordon, fourth place 100 meter hurdles, 20.27

Emily Gordon, third place 300 meter hurdles, 58.01

Caddo Hills:

Samantha Workman, seventh place 400 meter dash, 69.80 

Olivia Aguilar, seventh place long jump, 13’6.5”

News-Leader photos/JOHN BALCH

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