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NPD issues reminder of programs for senior citizens


Nashville Police Chief Amy Marion has issued a reminder that the local police department is looking out after the city’s senior citizens with two Senior Operation Safeguard programs.

Marion said the police department has two programs in place – telephone reassurance program and Alzheimer/dementia program – designed to assist the elderly and their families.

Marion said the telephone reassurance program will benefit the elderly or handicapped and involves a police officer who contact the person regularly to check on their welfare.

“If the person is unable to be contacted, then a family member or friend will be contacted to make sure the person is okay,” Marion said. “If necessary, the officer will go to the residence and check on the person.  This program is designed so that if a resident does not have family here in Nashville, we can help check on you or your loved one and their welfare.”

The Alzheimer/dementia program involves persons diganosed with either disease being provided with a metal bracelet to wear.

“This bracelet will have the person’s identification and the phone number for the Nashville Police Department,“ Marion said. “The police department will have the person’s family and contact information on file to aid in getting a lost or disoriented person back where they are supposed to be.”  

Persons interested in either of these programs, are asked to contact the Nashville Police Department at (870) 845-3434 during business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.