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The Cecil “Birddog” Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago: 1894

The Saline River was all over the bottom Monday and Mr. Woodruff had to bring the mail over in a boat. Mr. Woodruff may be depended on to bring the mail when it is possible to do so. A hard rain fell here Sunday afternoon and still far into the night. Monday morning was cold and the ground was frozen solidly.

Messrs. Wilson, Spartar and Mann from near Corinth have purchased the tanyard from Womack and Son and are putting it in good repair. They expect to make a good article of leather and will manufacture boots, shoes and harness. One of them is a shoe maker; one is a harness maker and the third is a tanner. We hope they will make a success of this new industry.

(Adv.) E.K. Walden, Attorney-at-Law, Barker, Arkansas. Special attention is given to collections.


97 years ago: 1922

Seven more penitentiary convictions have been had in the Howard County Circuit Court to Thursday night, making the total terms in the pen this week ten.  Six of the convictions were on liquor charges. The heaviest penalty on a misdemeanor charge assessed in Howard Court in a number of years was that against Kelsey Baggett, who was fined $750 and given six months in the Howard County Jail for wife desertion. This has been appealed to the Supreme Court.

(Adv.) Notice: My Jack will make the season of 1922 at my place one and one-half miles north of Bluff Springs at $10 to insure a living colt. Money due at time of foaling. I will take all precautions to prevent accidents, but will not be responsible should any occur. C. C. Webb


67 years ago: 1952

Blacktop may be laid on Highway 70 from near Dierks to Highway 71, according to Dierks editor, Murph Watt, who writes that gravel is being placed on the road bed. Superintendent Atkinson is asking that drivers stay off the new road for now.

Notice: Dogs in Nashville must be confined through March due to possible rabies. Dogs without collars and tags will be picked up after March 15. City Marshal Olin Ball and Mayor Martin Nowell.

(Adv.) The new improved Richard Hudnut Home Permanent. Ask for the new Richard Hudnut Home Permanent at our cosmetic counter. $2.75 Nashville Drug Company


43 years ago: 1976

A knife that many historians and weapons experts believe to be the original Bowie Knife will be featured at Old Washington Historic State Park when the eighth annual Jonquil Festival takes place March 12-14.

The knife captured national attention recently when it was linked with James Black, a blacksmith, who made the original Bowie Knife at Washington in the 1830s. Black has been reported to have been the only blacksmith in the country capable of tempering the Damascus steel known for its exceptional durability.

The present owner of the knife is Bart Moore, a college professor, who lives in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The knife has been in Moore’s family since 1890 when his grandfather accepted it from an elderly Mexican in payment of a $5 debt. According to the Mexican the knife had been found lying next to the body of a Texas soldier after the fall of the Alamo.

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