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Fight between Blevins, Mineral Springs adults, juveniles under investigation


The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating an incident on Feb. 5 involving a fight between Blevins and Mineral Springs adults and juveniles.

On Tuesday, Mineral Springs School Resource Officer Brandon Smith advised dispatch on the radio to send deputies to Blevins High School basketball gym in reference to  a large group (approximately 100) civilians actively fighting.

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Smith, who stated he was there with the Mineral Springs Basketball team for a game with Blevins. Officer Smith stated that there was a physical altercation in the parking lot between Mineral Springs and Blevins students.

Deputies made contact with a 40-year-old female, her 17-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter of Blevins. The 40-year-old female stated she and some friends were by her son’s vehicle in the parking lot. She stated that several juveniles from Mineral Springs walked past them to go to their bus.

The female stated that while the juveniles were walking to the bus, they were talking “smack” to her and the rest of people by the car. She stated that a female with a white hoodie came to her and started to argue with her. The 40-year-old female stated that the female with the white hoodie grabbed her by her hair and threw her onto the ground and then started to punch her. The 40-year-old stated that the other juveniles then grabbed her daughter by her hair and started to punch her too. The 40-year-old female stated that her 17-year-old son and his friends then jumped in and started to pull everyone apart.

The altercation involved adults and students from both Mineral Springs and Blevins. Investigators are reviewing school security cameras in order to identify persons involved. Investigators also took statements from people willing to give them. Investigators have identified six people who were involved two adults and four juveniles will face Battery Charges when the investigation is completed.

There were no major injuries in the incident, Investigation is ongoing.

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