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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


121 years ago: 1898

The Nation will never become an educated one as the result of study of the text books by its children in school. It cannot because about only three-fourths of its school population can go to school. It cannot because three-fourths spend an average of only about eight years in school.

In these years a possible total of five thousand hours of schooling is obtained. These hours are spread out in such homeopathic doses of non-consecutive days and intermittent weeks that the results are meager compared to what they might be if there were consecutive school days.

The U.S. marshals made another raid in the “Hills” Sunday.  They were too late for the pop, but got all the beer they could drink and carried off Coon Chambers.  They found a good lot of illicit whiskey in his possession.

(Adv.) Doubled up and bent with pain, Lumbago. Use St. Jacob’s Oil and straighten up. Sold at all Drug Stores


Corner of Main and Clark,looking south, from right to left; Old Rector Drug, Loewenberg, W. T. Street & Co., Racket Store, J. P. Exall Co. and Hancock, circa 1900.

99 years ago: 1920

A Clipping is going the rounds to the effect that wealth decreases rather than increases human happiness and that no millionaires who smile are aware perhaps, but we will swap a few of our most artistic smiles any day for a million.

Nashville High School students are discussing the feasibility of publishing a high school paper. Committees are now at work investigating and will report this week. Present plans call for a paper in our pages to be issued every two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Pratt left yesterday for Los Angeles, California, where they will make their home in the future. Mr. Pratt has been secretary-treasurer of the Bert Johnson Orchards for the past seven years, and he and his estimable wife have made a large host of friends here, who regret very much to see them leave our city.  We wish them much success and happiness.


65 years ago: 1954

On January 14 Murfreesboro’s famous quadruplets celebrated their second birthday. They were born in a frame home on the Narrows Lake Road the night of January 14, 1952.  Edward Ramage of Nashville, official photographer for the quads, said here Thursday that all four, Dewey Ray, Danny Kay,  Dickey Dey and the lone girl Donna Fay, were enjoying good health, still had brilliant red hair and were supporting good sets of teeth.

Harding College will present a 30-minute radio program over station KTHS Little Rock at 12 noon Sunday.  This is one in a series of programs on Arkansas Colleges presented by KTHS.

Jerry Chesshir, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Chesshir of Nashville will sing with the Harding Choir on the program.


43 years ago: 1976

Tom Howard had not been born when Robison Department Store was established in Nashville. This week, Howard, 37, a native of Dierks, purchased the 45-year-old store from the founder, George W. Robinson of Hope.

The new owner is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyse Howard of Dierks and before coming here he was a buyer for 15 years for Belk Jones Stores in Texarkana, Stuttgart and Camden.