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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


121 years ago: 1898

There is a great to do being made over the proposal to publish risks of pensioners in every district of the county. It is safe to say, however, that any man who is drawing a pension and has no flaw in his title to it, will not be found among the protesters. It is the frauds that do the howling.

The young man who lives within his means, dresses plain, polishes his brain no matter whether his boots shine or not, who toils honestly for his daily bread is generally snubbed by what is known as society; while the young man who beats his tailor out of a dress suit, gets his own mother to polish his shoes, with a pair of gloves in his pocket is the bell sheep in society in this day and time.

(Adv.) A perfect type of the highest order of excellence, Walter Baker and Company’s breakfast Coca.  Absolutely delicious and nutritious.


Nashville Junior High School art teacher Hollis Hughes completes a light table for the high school journalism department during the summer of 1982.

99 years ago: 1920

F. M. Ferguson, one of the most prominent planters of this section of the state, was found dead in his buggy at the home of his grandson, Forest White, near York’s Chapel Thursday morning about 11:30 o’clock. His death having occurred only a few moments before his lifeless remains were discovered.

Scores of persons have been killed in a violet earthquake, which occurred in many parts of Mexico last night. The center of the disturbance is believed to have been near the volcano Orizabo

(Adv.) Soon be time for bull tongue plows.  We have them, and they are already drawn and sharpened.  Custer’s, Centre Point, Arkansas.


65 years ago: 1954

Christmas weekend of 1953 was one of the quietest we have ever known for crime, misdemeanors and traffic accidents. Sheriff Ambrose Chesshir verified the quietest description and compared the peacefulness with Christmas 1952. Only one inmate, a youthful vagrant, was at the County Jail during Christmas. 

The spring school term marks the last enrollment period for GI training. Spring school terms starting early in 1954 mark last enrollment opportunity under the Korean Bill for thousands of post Korean Veterans the Veteran’s Administration said today. The reason the VA explained is that the cutoff date for the bill is Aug. 20, 1954.


43 years ago: 1976

A Nashville resident is getting a major league baseball tryout in Florida.  Stanley “Bo” Castleberry is at a Sarasota, Fla., training camp with the Kansas City Royals, according to his father George Castleberry of Nashville.

Young Castleberry played both baseball and football at Nashville.

He recently served as a coach for youths at a Missouri summer camp.

Livestock running loose on highways were the biggest single cause of accidents in Howard County in 1975.  State Trooper Larry Gleghorn, who provided traffic statistics taken from the records, said of 60 accidents reported 15 were caused by livestock on the highways.  The next major causes were alcohol and speeding.

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