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The Early Files: A Look into the Past


118 years ago:  1900

R. E. Scott, the man who conducted the feather renovator in this city for several months, left on last Sunday night for parts unknown, leaving a number of creditors behind who are holding the bag to the amount of several hundred dollars.

Capt. Geo. M. Clark spent a few days hunting on the Saline last week. He and Hagood Walker, who was carried along as chief assistant, killed 66 squirrels and 20 ducks.

Centre Point came dangerously near going Republican. The people who get all the benefits of politics should do all they can for their party, and Centre Point will be expected to make a better showing next time.

(Adv.) Selling out in order to quit business. Come at once. A. Schoenfeld, Cheap John Clothing House, Nashville, Arkansas


Milton Masey & George Castleberry circa 1960

99 years ago: 1919

Charles Delno, age 31, was shot and fatally wounded by Joe Darling on Darling’s farm at Muddy Fork last Wednesday morning about 7 o’clock.  Delno died from the effects of the shots Thursday afternoon. The shooting was the result of a short dispute over a remnant of cotton grown by Delno on Darling’s farm.

It seems Delno owed Darling some money and was about to move from Darling’s place without making settlement and Darling was trying to prevent his taking the cotton away. After a few minutes of argument, it is said Delno jumped from the cotton pen from which he was pitching the cotton into his wagon, and drawing his knife ran at Darling who drew his pistol and fired three times, only one of the shots taking effect. Delno had wheeled and started running  from Darling when the third shot was fired and the bullet entered his back and spine coming out just above the left leg.

Immediately after the shooting, Darling came to Nashville and surrendered to the sheriff and was released on bond to await developments. When the wounded man died on Thursday, Darling again came to Nashville and surrendered to Sheriff Millwee.


65 Years ago: 1953

The NHA girls of Child-ress attended the district meeting of the NHA which was held at El Dorado, October 16th.  They brought back a very interesting report.   Mrs. Bennie J. Tatum was elected district treasurer.

Scientists have discovered ways to make cotton into cloth without spinning and weaving. These “nonwoven” cottons can be used for napkins, diapers, tea bags and other items inexpensive enough to be thrown away after one or two uses.

  Nashville recognized the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice when the businesses closed down Wednesday. The majority of the merchants signed a petition indicating their willingness to close for the holiday. The bank and the post office recognized November 11 as an official holiday.


43 years ago: 1975

A curious squirrel cost the city of Nashville $2,500 Tuesday and got himself cooked in the process.

The squirrel climbed on an electrical transformer at the city’s water pumping station at the Little Missouri River causing a short that burned out a 250 hp motor which pumps river water to the City Lake.

(Adv.) While they last Bicentennial pencils only 5 cents each. Made the old-fashioned way in the USA. At The Nashville News

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