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Mock event helps local agencies train for ‘active killer’

HERE COMES A VICTIM. During the “active killer” drill Tuesday morning, area officers take a victim to the nearby hospital emergency room. From left, County Criminal Investigator Joey Davis, Deputy Aaron Quick, City Narcotics Investigator Mark Barnes, Nashville Patrolman Cody Looper, and Howard County Chief Deputy John Eric Glidewell. The drill lasted several hours at midday, and was under the auspices of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

Sirens began wailing at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 27 in a multi-agency drill for an “active killer” on the Howard Memorial Hospital campus.

The mock events began to unfold in the Elite Home Health office less than 50 yards from the hospital’s emergency room entrance.

Volunteers were in makeup representing various wounds, but there was no one acting the role of the villain. ‘Wounded’ victims were hauled by officers to the nearby ER.

Participating in the drill were Arkansas State Police, Howard County Sheriff’s Office, Nashville Police Department, Pafford Ambulance, and hospital personnel — all under the scrutiny of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

Public Works Department director Larry Dunaway was also parked near the scene to assist if needed.

Within minutes of the “alert” on police radio, more than a dozen law enforcement vehicles had raced to the scene on the south side of the hospital.

Following conclusion of the drill in early afternoon, officers were scheduled to gather for a debriefing.

Stay tuned to The Nashville News-Leader for an update on the drill.

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