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Tyson mill in Nashville closed

Nashville's Tyson mill is now closed.

Nashville area growers for Tyson Foods have been notified by letter that the feed mill here will be closed this week. Feed for the chicken houses will apparently be brought in from Tyson mills at Hope and Broken Bow.

The letter was from Nashville Complex Manager Mike Hanson, who referred the newspaper to corporate headquarters in Springdale for further comment. A spokesman at the headquarters declined to add anything to the information in the letter.

The letter was dated Oct. 1, and it said the mill would be closed “next week.”

Hanson’s letter stated that the company had not yet determined what to do with the mill building and real estate, located southwest of Nashville off Mission Drive and Golf Links Road in an industrial development area.

The tall mill building was built in 1971, and may have been the first to be built here using continuously-poured concrete construction.

Hanson assured the growers that the company was working to “minimize potential disruptions.”

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