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The Early Files: A Look into the Past


118 years ago: 1900

There has been considerable controversy between the farmers and miners in the northern portion of Howard County of late on the account of mineral lands. A great deal of land which has been set apart as mineral lands has been homesteaded by farmers, while many homesteads have been appropriated by the miners. This has cause considerable confusion and it has become necessary for the government to settle the many disputes by sending an agent to investigate.

Notice: We see men on the streets every day with pockets full of money, who owe from one to three years on this paper. We need that money and it ought to be paid now.

(Adv.)  Grand Fall Opening of Millinery, Monday, October 15. We extend a cordial invitation to everybody.  Joe Winter


Louis Tiffin grinds out one of the first shear blades made in 1953 while Case Shear executives look on. The Case Shear Knife Plant came to Nashville in 1952.

100 years ago: 1918

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Mills have received a message from their son, Lieut. Earl W. Mills from the US Navy stating that he has been ordered to report for duty with the destroyer forces operating in foreign waters.

The influenza epidemic has spread rapidly and a number of new cases are developing every day and the health authorities are determined to stop the useless spread of the disease by persons disobeying the order of quarantine

Farmers and townspeople are advised to transact their business and return to their homes and not congregate in groups on streets or in stores.

(Adv.) The check is the best medium of exchange.  Why? Because a check is a receipt, it shows to whom, when and for what purpose your money is paid. It is a protection against loss both to the giver and the receiver.  The Bank of Nashville


65 years ago: 1953

Alton Goodrum of Nashville has been elected president of the freshman class at Henderson State Teacher’s College.  He is the first blind student to head his class at the college. Goodrum was victorious over Stanley McNulty of Pine Bluff.

Several people of Ozan were in Hope Thursday to see Lt. Max Murphy, who returned home from Korea, where he was in a prison camp for sixteen months. He was a member of the Ozan Methodist Church and went to school in Ozan and Nashville.

A home-grown sweet potato, big enough to feed the whole family, was brought up to the News office Wednesday. Mrs. G. R. Stearns of Route 1 said the sweet potato weighed 4 ¾ pounds. By measure it was 12 ½ inches in length.  Her garden she said provided 2 ½ bushels of sweet potatoes and many of them weighed between 3 and 3 ½ pounds.


43 years ago: 1975

This year the DAR essay award winner is Lee Honeycutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Honeycutt. Miss Jamie McConnell made the announcement at the pep meeting Friday and presented Lee with a gift.

Nashville will observe the nation’s 200th birthday with a four day celebration next spring. The highlight will be a historical play centered around the founding of the city and the impact of the coming of the railroad.

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