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Trial date set for alleged Houston gang member for ATM theft

Keith D. Dorsey

By Louie Graves

News-Leader staff

The Texas man accused of taking trays of money from an open ATM machine in Nashville will have a Sept. 25 trial.

The trial date and a date for pretrial motions was set last Wednesday, June 20, during the regular day for criminal court in Howard County.

Keith D. Dorsey, 29, black male, Houston, Texas, will be represented by the public defender. He pleaded not guilty to felony charges of breaking or entering, and theft of property.

In the criminal case documents Dorsey was described as a street gang member in Houston. On June 1 he allegedly followed an electronics technician through several stops in Hope and Nashville Walmart stores where the tech worked on store devices, not ATMs. But in Nashville, the tech opened up an outside money dispensing machine at the South Fourth Street branch of Regions Bank. While the machine was open, Dorsey silently walked up and snatched three trays of money from the open machine.

His grab totaled more than $63,000. Without saying a word Dorsey fled while the technician had inside bank employees call 9-1-1. According to the documents, Dorsey was not armed.

Dorsey fled successfully, but his image had been captured on cameras at the site, and in the Walmart stores where he was ‘shadowing’ the technician.