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The Early Files: A Look into the Past




116 years ago:  1902

Joel Chandler, an old citizen of this section, was shot and probably fatally wounded by Fate Ludman yesterday afternoon.

The shooting occurred during the progress of a picnic at Garner’s mill, five miles west of this city, and the weapon used was a revolver.  The ball entered the upper part of the left breast, and the wound is considered very dangerous.

The two men were seen talking together, and before anyone was aware that they were angry the shooting occurred.

(Adv.) Whiskey, the best ever drank. We make a specialty of mail orders. BANK SALOON, Josey, Ward & Co.


100 years ago:  1918

Red Cross workers are needed, and those who have taken surgical dressing instructions and examinations should know they are expected to work. Others are also welcome and are needed.

Remember, the work room is open each afternoon, except Saturday, from 2 to 5 o’clock. Let everybody be on time. Help make the work easy for all and not a hardship for a few. Mrs. C.O. Baughman, Chairman

Two more large boxes of surgical dressings were shipped to St. Louis Headquarters last week. The boxes contain 300 12×24 absorbent pads, cotton filled.  They were packed and ready for overseas shipment.


65 years ago:  1953

Viewers in this area will have an opportunity to see one of television’s highest rated shows, “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts,” when KCMC-TV in Texarkana begins operation in August.

The Godfrey show will be seen locally at 7:30 to 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. 

The Godfrey TV skits are highly rated and listeners have associated them with the famous redhead comedian for the past three years.  Acts are chosen from night spots over the country and introduced on the Godfrey Show.

(Adv.) Elberta Theatre, cooled by refrigeration, now showing thru Friday, Humphrey Bogart and June Allyson in M-G-M’s “Battle Circus.” Bogart up to his neck in danger; Allyson up to her neck in love.


43 years ago:  1975

Legal Beagle was there, and so was the Rock Pusher, and the Cheerios Kid, the Forklift, Pole Skinner and Pineapple, and Boots, and Blue Eyes, Powder Puff, Paper Doll and Goldilocks.

Citizens Band Radio buffs with their colorful club vests and their “handles,” radio nicknames, packed the Nashville Junior High School gymnasium Saturday night. 

They came to attend a “Coffee Break,” the first big meeting sponsored by the local CB club, and they came from all over Southwest Arkansas.

When it was over, Nashville’s Voice of Southwest Arkansas CB Club had raised $100 for the Howard County Children’s Center and $500 for the Senior Citizens.