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Suggestion for pet cat in White House draws personal response from POTUS

Ready for Delivery: Casey Chandler prepares to mailer her letter to President Donald Trump.

By John Balch

News-Leader staff

A 10-year-old Pike County girl has become pen pals with President Donald Trump after she wrote to him to suggest that it’s time he got a cat for the White House – one that’s “spunky like you.”

Casey Chandler, who is homeschooled and the daughter of Amanda and Bo Chandler of Newhope, is one of only about 500 people who have gotten a personal response from the president out of the estimated 3,335,000 letters he has received since taking office.

In her letter, Casey first tells Trump she would have voted for him if she could and then explains that she works to rescue cats and dogs.

“All of the other presidents have seemed to have dogs as pets instead of cats,” she wrote. “I am helping a bottle kitten named Tater-Tot. I noticed that you don’t have a pet yet, and you have been in office for 285 days, 13 minutes and 90 seconds at the writing of this letter.”

Tater-Tot – a black and white tuxedo cat – is “spunky like you,” Casey tells Trump.

“I thought it might be time for you to get a cat in the White House. If you want this kitten, I can deliver.”

She ends her letter with her contact information and Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

On March 22, Trump responded to Casey.

Though he doesn’t accept her cat offer or mention animals, the president said hearing from young people like her “is one of the most inspiring parts of my job as President.”

Trump further stated, “The fact that you took the time and initiative to write demonstrates that you have the passion that is central to leadership. I encourage you to use this same spirit to made a difference in your community. Your generation is the future of our country,and soon we will look to you for guidance. I wish you the best of luck in your future and encourage you always to pursue your dreams.”

According to mom, Casey loves animals and is currently helping her and his older sister, Katie, operate the family’s Furry Friendz Petting Farm.

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