Pike County clerk candidates respond to questionnaire

    Pike County Clerk candidates – Randee Reid and Panny Lamb – were posed a series of questions and asked to submit them to the Murfreesboro Diamond. 
    The questions asked were:
    #1. Name, Age, Previous Profession(s)?
    #2. What do you feel are your qualifications to hold your chosen office that make you the one most uniquely suited to serve in the position?
    #3. What qualities/characteristics, outside of the above listed qualifications, do you think makes you the best choice for office?
    #4. Excluding the “It’s a paying job” answer, for what reasons did you decide to run for public office?
    #5. What are your goals and plans after being elected?
    #6. In what ways do you feel you can improve/operate your office to better serve the needs of the citizens of Pike County and to help improve Pike County as a whole? 
    #7. When they are standing in front of the voting machine, what would you like the imminent voter to know about you before they cast their ballot?
    Both of the qualified candidates replied. Penny Lamb  and Randee Reid are candidates for the office in the Democratic Preferential Primary which will be held in Pike County on Tuesday, May 22.
    Randee Reid, 36, currently store manager at Farm & Ranch Feed in Glenwood, previously office manager for North Pike County Rural Water Assoc., assistant head teller for Diamond Bank in Murfreesboro, deputy tax collector for Sheriff Charlie Caldwell.
    #2. Great personality, great work ethic, fast learner
    #3. Management skills to create a great working atmosphere
    #4. I received many encouraging words from Pike County citizens who urged me to run for office. I enjoy working with the public and understand the many duties the clerk has and look forward to the challenges I may face. 
    #5 & #6. I have a great relationship with all current elected officials and those running for posistion. Sandy has done an excellent job in her years for the county and I intend to keep the lines of communication open to ensure a pleasant transition in office. I know that I have big shoes to fill, but I am also confident in my abilities to do the job.
    #7. If you vote for me, I can assure you that I will be grateful and humble to serve as your Pike County Clerk.
    1.  My name is Penny R. Lamb.  I am 46 years old.  After graduating college, I spent 3 years working for attorneys including the Prosecuting Attorney as the Victim/Witness coordinator for Pike County.  After that experience, I spent 7 years working for First National Bank, including a position in Management.  I started working in the Pike County Clerk’s office in May 2005 as a Deputy Clerk.  At the same time, in December 2007, I was appointed as the Recorder/Treasurer for the City of Murfreesboro.  I was later elected to this position in two subsequent elections.  I still hold the both positions.
    2.  I feel that I am the most qualified person for the position of Pike County Clerk because of my experience as a Deputy Clerk.  I have learned the many responsibilities of the office over the last 13 years. Other positions that I have held, including working with attorneys, working with money in banking and being solely responsible for the office of Recorder/Treasurer for the City of Murfreesboro, have given me unique qualifications for the position of Pike County Clerk.
    3.  I am a life long resident of Pike County.  I chose to attend college, get married and stay in Pike County to raise my family.  I am very active in volunteer work within my community as well as out in the County.   I am an active member of my church.  I am a volunteer for the Chamber of Commerce and the National Archery in the Schools Program.  I am a member of the Women’s Auxiliary of SEPCA and a founding member and past President of the Junior Auxiliary of Pike County.  
    4.  I love my job!  When you work as a Deputy at the Courthouse, there seems to be a right of passage that you go through.  If you love your job and you feel like you could do what your boss does, then you wait your turn.  When your boss leaves or retires, you step up to the plate and put your name on the ballot.  That is what I have done.  I have waited 13 years, learning the ins and outs of the County Clerk’s office.  I feel that Sandy Campbell has trained me well and with the help of the voters of Pike County, I will hit the ground running as your next Pike County Clerk.
    5.  My plan after being elected is to have a smooth transition from the current Clerk, Sandy Campbell to me.  The most immediate goal of the office will be to finish the scanning and indexing of historical documents and books.  In 2019, we will be implementing E-filing for Circuit Court filings.  This will make the Court process almost completely electronic.  I would also like to retrieve the historical Probate files from storage and make them available for preservation and easier public viewing.  In 2021, we will be involved in redistricting the JP lines based on the decennial census and making the necessary changes to the voter registration system.
    6.  Every person has a different way of looking at things.  Having new blood in leadership positions will bring forth new ideas for the County as a whole as well as the individual offices.  I believe that I will work well with the other County Officials for the future improvement of the County.
    7.  I would like the voters to know how diverse the County Clerk’s office is.  There are many different areas of responsibility in this position.  It is an office that needs an experienced person to ensure the continuity of service that is provided to the citizens of Pike County.  With my 13 years of experience, I know that I am the most qualified person to be your next Pike County Clerk.  Thank you for your support.
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