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Thrift store empties to make way for repairs

Evidence of hidden damage to the floor of the thrift store is easily visible in this photo of the empty building. The Montgomery County Nursing Home Auxiliary will be closed while local crews work to repair the floor. Age and erosion has rotted the supports under the floor forcing the renovations.

Volunteers have sold their last item for now as the Montgomery County Nursing Home Auxiliary Thrift Shop shuts down to make way for repairs to the floor of their building.
Years of wear and tear and hidden erosion have damaged the floors of the thrift store building to the point it has to be repaired. Volunteers spent last week gathering everything into plastic bags which have been hauled to a facility in Mena. Coach Mike White offered some help Monday by bringing a group of junior high boys to help load the bags on a trailer.
Volunteers stated that the building is clear of items and is ready for work to begin. There is no specific date for completion of the repairs, but auxiliary members hope to be open soon.
Due to the construction that will be taking place they will not be able to take any item donations for now. They are thankful for all the help and donations they have received over the years and look forward to being able to take donations again soon. They instruct people to watch the Montgomery County News for an announcement about when they will be able to accept donations again.

Coach Mike White takes a wrong turn while leading a group of young volunteers back to school. The junior high boys helped load the left over inventory on the truck last week.

The reconstruction of the building’s floor is estimated to cost around $65,000. Although they aren’t able to accept donations of clothes and such, they are able to accept financial donations to help pay for the new floor. The use of the building is dependent upon repairs being made to the floor. If you would like more information about the thrift store, of if you would like to help with the repairs contact them at (870) 867-2664. All donations will be appreciated.
The Montgomery County Nursing Home Auxiliary has served the county and the nursing home since 1966 when three women saw a need for service in the small hospital located in Mount Ida. The ladies began by selling crafts the volunteers created and when the hospital closed and the nursing home opened they formed the auxiliary. It was then that the thrift store was opened.
The original shop was located in a small white stucco building located across the street from the current location. From there the thrift store moved to the old Standridge Home, located where the Bear State Bank parking lot currently sits.
In 1988 the auxiliary moved to their current location thanks to the donation of the building by Clyde Standridge. The building was originally the home of the Black and Standridge Department Store. The building was constructed of local stones and lumber in 1941 by Beulah Standridge. Thanks to the Standridge’s donation the building which had served the community for over 40 years would continue to offer service to the community.
Watch for updates and dates when item donations can be made once again in the Montgomery County News.

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