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Square-foot gardening classes start March 17


By Rita Rector

Special to The Nashville News-Leader

Square-foot gardening classes will be offered again this spring.

If you missed them the previous two years, be sure and sign up for this class. Classes will be held on Sundays this year and will begin March 17 starting at 1:30 p.m. at the Howard County Farmer’s Market, next door to the Health Department. 

Square-foot gardening is the revolutionary way to grow more in less space. Mix perfect soil in a raised box and space your crops carefully in square foot grids. No additional fertilizing is needed – it’s all in the blended compost. No weeding is required. Simply water and wait and you’ll be rewarded with two to three times the bounty you’d get from traditional row gardening. In your yard, in your driveway, on a balcony, or on a rooftop, your square-foot garden can be created practically anywhere.

Much of our class time will be spent actually creating and planting some square-foot garden beds in Nashville. Several Business/Chamber organizations have requested beds at their business location. These beds are demonstrations of how each of us can have fresh vegetables all summer with very little work involved after the initial setup.  If you keep abreast of the health consequences of food additives in our normal food supply, you will appreciate what a square-foot garden can do for you and your family, especially your children. We have found that most children will eat fresh vegetables if they themselves have planted the seeds.

To sign up for classes, all Rita Rector at (870) 287-4573 or email Rita4573@whti.net.  There is no cost for the class itself, but you will need to purchase a book and acquire the basic elements needed to build your own garden. Save your receipts, just in case we’re able to reimburse you later in the season!

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