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Nevada County official charged with theft, fraud


Nevada County’s rescue unit chief and auxiliary deputy has been charged with theft of funds missing from the county’s rescue unit, according to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department.

On September 2017, Nevada County Sheriff’s Department was notified that funds were missing from an account held by the Nevada County Rescue Unit. Allegations were made due to bank statements that the Chief of the Rescue Unit Jordan Jester had made unauthorized purchases with a debit card attached to this account.

Prosecuting Attorney Christy McQueen was contacted by Investigator Robert Missey in reference to this matter. McQueen advised Investigator Missey to contact the Arkansas State Police Criminal Division and turn the case over to them due to the fact Jester was also associated with the Sheriff’s Department as an auxiliary deputy.

Jester was called into the sheriff’s department and was suspended from his auxiliary status until the ASP could conduct an investigation.

The Arkansas Legislative Audit was contacted to conduct an audit of the funds, with an audit being completed in or about February 2018 finding approximately $3,540 of unauthorized purchases and withdrawals.

On March 22, Jester was placed under arrest due to the investigation and was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card or debit card and for theft of property over $1,000. Jester is being held for first appearance on these charges at the Nevada County detention facility.

Jester was also terminated from his position as auxiliary deputy with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department on March 22.