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South Pike County sweeps regional archery meet


The South Pike County Rattler archery teams secured a clean sweep of all three divisions in the Region 9 tournament held last Saturday in Delight. The tournament featured 407 entrants from twelve different teams.

By qualifying, the squads will move on to the Arkansas National Archery in the Schools state tournament to be held on March 2 (Elementary/Middle School) and March 3 (Senior High) at the Hot Springs Convention Center.


The elementary Rattler squad scored a combined 2532 points to outdistance second place Vandervoort Elementary with 2501 points.

Jamie Howell would lead the Rattler girls and the entire female division with 275 points and 12 tens, followed by Makenna Taylor with 243. Trista Howard was sixth with 217, Teegan Barnett was eighth with 213, and Mabree Sweat was twelfth with 190 points.

In the elementary division, other local squads included Blevins in third with 2250, Kirby in fifth with 2106 points, and Umpire in eighth with 337 points.

Jaylynn White of Blevins would score 231 for third best in the female division behind Howell and Taylor. Montana Cook of Kirby finished in fifth place with 229 points, while teammate Remmington Cowart was tenth with 197 points.

Elijah Fugitt would lead the elementary Rattlers boys’ squad with 225 points, which was good for sixth place. Teammate Reid Jackson would finish right behind him in seventh place with 224 points.

Andrew Smith of Vandervoort won the male division with 260 points. Vandervoort archers compiled three of the top four spots on the male side. Kirby’s Caleb Tigue was eighth with 224 points, while his teammate Jaxon Fatherree placed twentieth with 193 points. Blevins had three score in the top twenty — 10 Kade Wyman 216, 13 Jackson Bonner with 210 and 18 Grant Hudman with 198.  

Other Rattler scorers included (place, name, points): 12 Dalton Manlove 211, 21 Caleb Terrell 190, 22 Bryan Slunder 188, 22 Daelyn Henderson 188, 21 Gracie Terry 168, 22 Jasmin Hughes 165, 25 Debra Faith Teel 162, 28 McKaylyn Cheek 160, 58 Dallas Miller 107, and 60 Jacob Teel 96.

Middle School

Topping the middle school division with 3074 points, the Rattler team outscored second place Wickes 3049 points.

Kirby was fourth in the division with 2834 points, Blevins was eighth with 2321 points and Umpire was tenth with 1931.

Rattler teammates would tie for second place in the female division with Alyssa Jones and Kyla Collins each notching 272 points, one point behind Lori Richardson of Acorn.

Alexis Rowe would finish in tenth for the Rattlers with 252 points, while Whitney Henderson, Meghan Self and Jamya Green would occupy places 18-20 with 241, 240 and 240 points respectively. 

Alexus Caldwell would lead the Kirby Middle School squad with 255 points, good for eighth place in the division, while teammate Lauren Fortner was in twenty-second place with 236 points.

Aniyah Muresan was the only female from Blevins to place in the top flight, settling in eleventh  place with 250 points.

Jarod Posey would place fifth for the Rattlers in the male middle school division with 262, Garren Bailey seventh with 259, Samuel Pettigrew ninth with 257, John Legate tenth with 256 and Alex Mitchell eleventh with 255. 

Thomas Davis (13, 254) Walter Plunkett (18, 250) and Levi York (20, 248) would all place inside the top 20 for Kirby.

Other Rattler finishers in the elementary division include (place, name and score): 15 Jackson Manlove 251, 16 Alec Sigman 250, 21 Brady Self 247, 28 Jocelynn Zeigler 228, 29 Kara Jackson 228, 36 Chloe Keys 223, 38 Dusty Lee 229, 45 Elizabeth Downey 214, 48 Brandt Stevens 224, 64 Austin Whisenhunt 209, 70 Owen White 204, and 78 Keyln Gilmer 189.

Senior High

The senior high Rattlers tallied 3263 to outpoint eight teams, including second place Acorn’s 3182 points.

Blevins would come in fifth in the division with 2782, while Umpire finished eighth with 950 points.

Francis Keys would finish third in the senior girls’ division to lead the Rattlers with 281 points and 16 tens, while teammate Aspen Harris would place fourth with 280 points and 12 tens. The Rattler female squad would also place five more inside the top 20 — 7 Morgan Bonner 268, 7 Bethany Bagwell 268, 11 Sarah Mauldin 265, 15 Jaleisa Hicks 263 and 19 Erin Lamb 259.

Saloura Muresan would lead Blevins with a thirteenth place finish in compiling 264 points, followed by 22 Elizabeth Couch 255 and 23 Blair Lucas 254.

Alec Pettigrew was the high scorer for both the Rattlers and the senior boy’s division, tallying 292 points and 23 tens to outpace Brody Webb from Acorn with 287 points.

Samuel Corson would finish in fourth with 279 points for the Rattlers. Teammates Austin Mussett (7, 274) and Dylan Branch (8, 273) would also finish inside the top 10 competitors.

Donavon Mathis would lead Blevins with a 282 and third place finish.

Other Rattler finishers included (place, name and score): 21 Raegan Spillers 256, 22 Skylar Duke 261, 28 Gage Bailey 256, 30 Tyler Tomlinson 254, 30 Taylor Tomlinson 248, 30 Alyssa Keys 248, 35 Emily Posey 241, 39 Harkey Keys 235, 41 Callie Johnson 227, 42 Jaden Self 223 and 45 Lillian Supko 217.