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Photographer breathes life into forgotten items


The Ouachita Artists Gallery hosted a reception Sunday afternoon in honor of their newest featured artist David Kimball and his photography.
Kimball is one of a host of talented photographers currently on display at the Ouachita Artists Gallery. He sets himself apart in a variety of ways with not only his work, but his presentation.
Kimball has an eye for things many would overlook as they traveled along the highways and byways of the area. His photos feature items cast aside by nature and man. Much of his work focuses on old cars, buildings and what many would call trash. He is able to capture the beauty of a rusty engine, just as well as he can capture the life clinging to a fallen leaf.
“My photos brings some guy stuff to the gallery.” Kimball joked when asked about the items he photographs.
He admits that he enjoys looking for the things often forgotten and overlooked by others. Photography has been a part of Kimball’s life for many years, although he admits there have been times of inactivity over the years.
Kimball moved to Montgomery County over 10 years ago, bringing his camera and dark room equipment with him. He stated that he enjoyed bringing the photos to life in the darkroom, but admits that the breadth of options available to a photographer through Photoshop has forced him to leave his darkroom in storage.
Kimball’s treatment of his photos through the Photoshop program is awe inspiring to many. He has the ability to bring out colors in his work that change the way you look at rust and dirt.
Currently he has been working with different filters to accentuate the colors in his pieces. Many of them are mistaken for paintings thanks to some of the filters he has utilized in Photoshop.
Attention to color has led him to try some new approaches to the way he displays his work. One of the first things you notice when you approach the back wall of the gallery is the collection of tin walls pieced together and decorated with Kimball’s work.
He explained that he had decided to forego frames for most of his work mainly for financial reasons. Kimball sells most of his prints in just a matte. This allows him to clip them to the display he has in the gallery. He also has a bin with photos, but it is the tin display that really catches your eye.
He has also started printing some of his work on studio prints. Many of his bolder prints are done this way. The lack of a matte, or frame allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the full body of the work.
You can see David Kimball’s work and more at the Ouachita Artists Gallery in Mount Ida. It is located at 135 West Street next to the Montgomery County News Office.
For more information regarding Kimball’s work, or the gallery visit their website at ouachitaartists.org, or find them on Facebook.

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