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Local ambulance service sold to Pafford EMS


Co-founders John Gray and Laura Gray of Howard County Ambulance Service will both remain with the new owner, Pafford EMS.

Announcement of the sale came late last week.

HCAS was founded by the Grays in the summer of 2003. They continued to co-manage the service after their divorce. Both will remain with Pafford’s management team. John Gray told the newspaper that slow-pay insurance, changing Medicare reimbursements and other bureaucratic headaches contributed to their decision to sell the service.

He said he thought the City of Nashville would extend the HCAS franchise to the new owners. He also said that the community would be pleased with the level of service.

Both John Gray and Laura Gray worked for Pafford before launching their own service here. Pafford operates in four states — Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma — with more than 100 ambulances, three helicopters and two fixed-wing aircraft.

The company is in its 51st year. HCAS personnel became Pafford employees at 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 9.

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