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Farmers’ markets set first meeting, vendor training


The farmers’ markets in Nashville, Hope and Washington will hold their 2018 kick-off meeting and vendor training at Hempstead Hall in Hope, Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 13. 

The free vendor training will include a special track for those new to farmers’ markets and those who are thinking about selling at a farmers’ market, but just need to know more. This year there is also a separate tract for experienced market vendors.

Tricia Salinas, an accountant/farmer and owner of Salinas farm, will be discussing essential record-keeping and tax preparation for market growers and small farms.

Josh Hardin of Laughing Stock Farm will  provide insight about going organic and offer guidance on how small farms can go organic or go natural. Both vendor training sessions will conclude with a combined networking session.

Persons who would like to sell at any farmers market this year, including those in other areas of the state, will benefit from this free training. There are reduced registration fees and other incentives for vendors who register during this event – These incentives will not be available later in the year. 

Following the vendor training, there will be a special event for the public – “Know Your Farmer – Know Your Food!” – where you can meet the growers, find out about the markets and taste local foods. The public is invited to this event.

For more information, contact Debra Bolding at (870) 557-2352 or Jodi Coffee at (870) 703-8788.

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