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Educational ‘Fiesta’ at NJHS

News-Leader photo/TERRICA HENDRIX FIESTA FACULTY. Stephanie Hendry, Nashville Junior High School nurse; Jan Rebsamen, secretary; Ashley Riggs, math and science teacher; Regina Ray, librarian; and Cristal Perez, K-12 Migrant clerk for the Nashville School District, enjoyed their time together at Fiesta-themed school board luncheon.

By Terrica Hendrix

News-Leader staff

The Nashville School Board held its monthly luncheon at the junior high recently.

Some of the Nashville Junior High School faculty decorated the library in a fiesta theme for the board luncheon.

NJHS Assistant Principal DJ Graham told the board that there are 443 students enrolled  at the school with 265 students “participating in extracurricular activities.”

Nashville Assistant Superintendent Joe Kell gets acquainted with one of the robots from the junior high team.

Graham said that before the school district implemented breakfast in the classroom “we fed less than 100” students. Now, we are feeding over 400. We ring the bell at 9:30, teachers open their door to get breakfast, and students have 10 minutes to eat their sack breakfast.”

Graham discussed the new, successful mentor system at NJHS. He said that the student-teacher advisor system is set up with all faculty having “seven or eight students picked at random to mentor-counsel throughout the year. We have watched motivational stories, talked about goals and future plans, and [at] this past meeting we utilized this time to hand out report cards and discuss our inclement weather plan.”

The NJHS Honor Society will be held on Feb. 22 “and this year we raised the bar to 3.65 and we are still going to induct around 75 students.

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