Mineral Springs mayor will not seek re-election


    By Louie Graves
    News-Leader staff

    Mineral Springs Mayor Bobby Tullis has announced that he will not be a candidate for re-election.

    Tullis began his public career as a lawman in Mineral Springs, and was later elected to several terms as state representative. He retired and moved back to his hometown, and became mayor.

    He has had recent social media posts suggesting appointment of commissions – such as a water and sewer commission – to cut down on the mayor’s duties.

    Mineral Springs voters went to the polls Tuesday to decide a proposal which would change the terms of office from two to four years for aldermen. The change would take place one ward at a time.

    Mayor Tullis has also proposed dividing the city into three wards, making the council composed of six aldermen.

    Results of the term special election were not complete until after 7 p.m. Tuesday and the results were unavailable for the newspaper. (Go to swarkansasnews.com)

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