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Footbridge set over Dodson Creek in Nashville

Workers lower a 75-ft. single-piece footbridge into place over Dodson Creek last Thursday.

By Louie Graves
News-Leader staff

Nashville’s 75-ft. single-piece footbridge was put into place over Dodson Creek Thursday morning, Dec. 21, by a tall crane and a skilled crew.

The bridge, part of a state grant sidewalk project along North Mt. Pleasant Drive, is dull brown in color.

Nashville Public Works Director Larry Dunaway said Thursday that he originally thought the bridge would be painted.

Instead, he said, he was told that the material was made to rust and form its own protective cover.

“If we get enough calls we may end up painting it, though,” he said.

The walking deck of the bridge is five feet wide, and the currently-uncovered rippled steel base will be covered with concrete.

The approach to the bridge on both sides will be a gradual slope with no steps.

The construction company will return to do that work probably in early January, the public works director said.

Eventually, concrete sidewalks will connect the high school on the north all the way south to the intersection of South Fourth and Dodson Streets; much of that already exists.

Another sidewalk will connect westerly to the city park, although that route is not yet determined.

Part of the Mt. Pleasant project will be to adjust utilities and to streamline the troublesome intersection of North Mt. Pleasant and W. Leslie Streets.

North Mt. Pleasant was blocked for a little more than an hour, Thursday morning, while the tall crane dropped the six-ton brown span into place.

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