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Changes coming to local conferences in 2018-20 cycle




A change made by the Arkansas Activities Association from seven to six conferences in all non-football sports brings a huge shake up for area schools and their conference opponents, while football conferences see little change.

The 7-2A and 7-1A conferences have the lions share of area teams with many schools swapping classifications.

The 7-2A non-football conference will include: Acorn, Cossatot River, Dierks, Foreman, Gurdon, Horatio, Mount Ida and Murfreesboro.

The 7-1A conference will include: Blevins, Caddo Hills, Kirby, Mineral Springs, Mountain Pine, Oden, Ouachita, Trinity Christian and Umpire.

At first glance several classification changes can be spotted. Acorn, Dierks and Mount Ida moved from 7-1A West to 7-2A, while Blevins, Caddo Hills and Mountain Pine move from 7-2A to 7-1A.

The 7-2A also gains Cossatot River from 7-3A, while Cutter Morning Star, Magnet Cove and Poyen move to the 5-2A South conference.

The 7-1A also gains Ouachita and Trinity Christian from the old 7-1A East conference.

Centerpoint will remain in the 7-3A conference with Ashdown, Bismarck, Fouke, Genoa Central, Prescott and Smackover.

Ashdown drops down from the 7-4A conference, while Bismarck moves in from the 5-3A and Smackover joins from the 8-3A conference. The conference also lost Cossatot River, Gurdon and Horatio to the 7-2A conference.

Nashville remains in 7-4A with Arkadelphia, Bauxite, De Queen, Hope, Malvern and Mena.

De Queen and Hope move in from the 5A South conference. Ashdown dropped down to the 7-3A conference, Fountain Lake to the 4-3A conference and Pulaski Robinson shifts to the 5-4A conference.

Very little change is coming to the 7-2A and 7-4A football conferences, while the 5-3A sees eight teams either leave or enter the conference.

The 7-2A conference will consist of Dierks, Foreman, Gurdon, Lafayette County, Mineral Springs, Mount Ida, Murfreesboro and Spring Hill. Gurdon drops down from the 5-3A conference and Mountain Pine moves to the 5-2A conference.

In the 7-4A Nashville will be joined by Arkadelphia, Ashdown, Bauxite, Fountain Lake, Haskell Harmony Grove, Malvern and Pulaski Robinson. Haskell Harmony Grove moves up in classification from the 5-3A conference, while Mena will shift to the 4-4A conference.

The 5-3A will consist of Bismarck, Camden Harmony Grove, Centerpoint, Fouke, Genoa Central, Horatio, Prescott and Smackover.

Camden Harmony Grove moves up from the 8-2A conference, while Fouke, Genoa Central and Smackover move over from the 6-3A conference.

Haskell Harmony Grove moves up to the 7-4A, Glen Rose and Jessieville shift to the 4-3A and Gurdon drops back into the 7-2A conference.