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Nashville mission team helps Denver church

More than 60 children in a Denver, Colo. neighborhood joined the First Baptist Church of Nashville mission team for Discovery Camp during last month's trip to Denver.

By Terrica Hendrix
News-Leader staff

DENVER, Colo. – Twenty-two members from First Baptist Church in Nashville recently went on a mission trip to Denver, Colo. to connect with Pastor Rick Ackerman and 5280 Church.

The 5280 Church is a church plant that is located in the Berkeley neighborhood of the Mile High City. Members meet in a charter school gymnasium, according to FBC member and mission team leader Ryan Giddens. The FBC mission team members ages ranged from 15 to 70.

Giddens explained that “5280 Church is attempting to spread the gospel in an area that is largely unchurched and unconcerned with their salvation. Pastor Ackerman and his staff are trying to portray the church as more of a community than an organization, which is what most people in the area think about when it comes to church. FBC is a partner church with 5280 Church and has been providing monthly financial support since October of 2015.

In addition to financial contributions, FBC has a plan to send at least one mission team per year to assist 5280 Church in community outreach such as kids’ camps and service projects.”

“Discovery Camp” was held at a local park for children ages four to 11.The average attendance for the four-day camp was around 65 kids, “which is more than double the size of the camp we conducted last year.”

Giddens said, “The goal of the camp was to show them the beauty of God’s creations and share the Gospel in a hands-on environment. We also did service projects which included restoring an entrance ramp at the historic Elitch Theatre, prayer walking in strategic areas of the Berkeley neighborhood, and random acts of kindness at local parks.”

He said that FBC’s prayer is that through these efforts families will visit 5280 Church and seek a personal relationship with Christ.

Giddens said he thought “each member of the group was blessed in a special way.”

The members were able to interact and build relationships with the children during the camp and were also able to share their story with people in the Berkeley neighborhood.

“We saw the faithful efforts of Pastor Rick [Ackerman] and his staff as they try to disciple to people that don’t necessarily want to hear about Jesus. This trip was also a reminder of the needs in our local community and should challenge us to better serve one another right here in Nashville.”