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Local cosmetologist retires clippers after 55 years

Pictured left to right: Jessica Austin poses with her grandmother Ann Scurlock Friday. Ann retired after 55 years as a hair stylist. She was working in her granddaughter’s shop when she retired last week. Photo by Dewayne Holloway



MOUNT IDA – Ann Scurlock picked her clippers and brush up for the last time Friday bringing a 55 year career to a close.

Scurlock began her career as a hair stylist in 1961 in Hot Springs. When asked about her reasons for choosing this profession she simply stated, “Well, I needed something to do in Mount Ida.”

It would be a couple years before she made it to her home in Mount Ida, but she enjoyed her time in Hot Springs. Ann reminisced about those early days. Hot Springs was still filled with casinos and she made a living doing the hair of many of the dealers who worked in the casinos.

“Robert Kennedy came into office and put an end to the casinos.” Ann stated, which led her back to Mount Ida.

She worked for a few other stylists at first after moving to Mount Ida before opening her own shop. When asked about people whose hair she has styled, she stopped for a minute to think before stating that most of the people she had known from the early years were gone.

Although she misses those who have passed the longevity of her career has given her an opportunity to get to know a lot of people spanning the generations. Her love for Mount Ida and the people who live here are evident when she stops to think about her town.

Ann pointed out that she has seen Mount Ida change a lot over the years and she wasn’t sure it has been for the better. She explained that there used to be a lot more to do in Mount Ida. However, the one thing that makes Mount Ida what it is hasn’t changed and that is the people.

Her love for Mount Ida and the people who live here led her to run for city council, which she has faithfully served in for years.

Ann has also served the community as a stylist and would continue to do so if not for the toll 55 years of working clippers and hair pins have taken on her hands and wrists.

“It’s very tedious work.” she explained.

She has taken a break or two over the years as she raised a family, but she had always been able to come back to the shop. That is, until now.

Her love for working on people’s hair began as a child when she did her mother’s hair. Becoming a hair stylist seemed like a natural fit. As she raised her family she was able to share her love for working with hair with her granddaughter Jessi Austin.

Jessi owns the shop Ann has worked in for the last few years. Jessi remembers growing up in her grandmother’s shop helping out any way she could. She stated that she has enjoyed getting to work with her grandmother and will miss her once she retires.

Ann’s love for the job is evident as she glides around her chair snipping and clipping, washing and styling. She shared that she will miss the people she has gotten the privilege to work with, but it is time to set her clippers down.

She looks forward to retirement which will give her more time to spend with her great grandchildren.

Ann laughed as she shared something she said to her husband Bill Spurlock. “I told Bill I wasn’t washing another head of hair unless it was one of the grandkids in the bathtub.”

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