Nashville park looking for interest in co-ed volleyball


    Nashville Parks & Recreation is attempting to determine if there would be enough interest in starting an adult coed volleyball summer program.

    Teams with a maximum of six players per team on the court (three men, three women) are needed for the games. Teams may play with no fewer than five payers and if there are only five players, three of those five must be female.

    Matches would be played Friday and Saturday evenings, starting at 6 p.m. The first team to 25 wins. (A full set of rules is available on the Nashville Parks & Recreation Facebook page or at the park office)

    Play would be tournament-style so no league fees, but the park is looking at a $50 per team fee. The park also wants to host three to four events to include a park championship.

    Anyone interested should contact the park at (870) 845-7405.

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