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Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce serves visitors from around the world


The Mount Ida Area Chamber of Commerce annual membership drive is in July. So it makes sense for them to highlight the contribution the Chamber makes in drawing visitors to our area.

Mosey on down to the Chamber of Commerce Tourist Information Center and look at the world map on the wall. Every person who visits the center is invited to put a pin on or near their home. There are literally thousands of pins representing folks from every state and most countries including Japan, the Netherlands, France and even the Vatican.

Did you know that after the election of Pope Francis in 2013, the Pope’s private secretary took a much needed break by visiting our area? Imagine the surprise of the chamber volunteer who greeted the secretary. The Pope has a new secretary now and the old secretary has since made another visit.

Of course, sometimes visitors stop at the Tourist Information Center as they are just “passing through.” So they are surprised and disappointed when they don’t have enough

time to see and do the spectrum of cool stuff available in the county. But the Chamber’s Visitor and Relocation Guide they take with them when they leave provides plenty of information to help them plan their return visit.

The Chamber would like visitors to come to our area with expectations. You might think visitors just come for the lake. but you would be mistaken  The 2017 Visitor and Relocation Guide is chock full of things to see and do, places to stay and eat, fun and interesting stuff to know about the county. Guides are distributed by Information centers across the state. This year our website, www.mtidachamber.com  contains an on-line link to the Guide. So technically anyone, anywhere, anytime can see and use the Guide.

There is a bunch of stuff about Montgomery County you don’t know. So when you make that trip down to see the map, ask for a Visitor and Relocation Guide. Prop up your feet one evening, be amazed, and appreciate the contribution made by the Mount Ida Area Chamber of Commerce in drawing visitors to our area..

If you are not yet a member of the Chamber, consider going to our website, www.mtidachamber.com, completing the application and paying right on line. Or drop by the chamber office.

Story submitted by Pat Smith


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