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Young bears come through Glenwood over the weekend


By Mike Wallace
Glenwood Herald

Glenwood Assistant Police Chief Matthew Cain reported two young bear sightings over this past weekend with one staying on the other side of the river and one traveling through the city streets before heading into the woods behind the post office.

The bear sighted Friday evening was along the Caddo River trying to find a way across the pavement into town. The traffic seemed to turn it away. Cain said it probably smelled the hot dogs and hamburgers cooking at the Relay for Life event.

The second bear came across Highway 70 about mid morning on Saturday, May 6, according to Cain. He and another officer followed it past First, Second and Third Streets before the bear went up a hill. The bear then came out on Broadway, went to the post office and into the woods behind it. Cain said many animals use the river bed like a highway.

Cain said two officers from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Nate Hellums and biologist Jason Mitchell, were on the scene. Both stated that people should never feed the bears because it would return seeking food and might eat your dog, its food or even cat food. Also they advised to never run from a bear as it will attack movement. Instead, just stand your ground and wait it out.

Cain said the bear they saw up close weighed about 400 pounds and would stand about four foot tall if it raised up on its hind legs.

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