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Local author to host book signing Friday


A local mother will share her story this weekend as she shares her book regarding the many negative issues seen in the criminal justice system.

Author and mother Pat Galloway will be signing copies of her book “Incarceration A Family Crisis” Friday, May 26, at the Good Ol’ Days Festival in Mount Ida.

The book is  a labor of love for Galloway, who felt compelled to write the book after a lifetime of fighting for the incarcerated and their families.

She is no stranger to the pain and heartache incarceration brings upon the families of those imprisoned. She has seen three of her sons imprisoned over the years and has lost one son while he was incarcerated.

The book takes a frank look at the affects the tough stance legislatures have taken on those convicted of drug charges in recent years. Although the book focuses on the Oklahoma judicial system, it reaches out to a broader audience through its personal approach to the issues addressed in the book.

While many authors on the subject delve deep into the statistical side of the issues arising from lengthy incarceration and the use of private prisons, Galloway gives a voice to those personally affected by these issues.

Once reader of the book described it as being akin to a collection of short stories and this is an apt description. Most chapters record the actual words of those personally affected by this issue.

Galloway begins by sharing her own story and how her sons’ incarceration and the death of one of them helped encourage her to become involved in the advocacy work on behalf of the incarcerated and their families.

She then allows other families, organization heads and even those involved in legislation and prison reform to share their stories. Her goal is to shine a light on the need for judicial, and more specifically prison reform.

Galloway is an accomplished writer and was a member of the Montgomery County News staff for years. She continues to work for prison reform and on behalf of the families of those incarcerated.

Galloway stated in a recent interview that she hopes this book can offer some help to families of those incarcerated. Copies of her book will be available for purchase at the Good Ol’ Days Festival Friday and Saturday. She will be on hand to sign copies and talk about this issue dear to her heart Friday. Copies of the book will also be available Saturday at the Festival.

Copies of her book can also be found on Amazon.com for purchase.

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