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Local couple hopes to offer security to area families



A local couple are working to equip area residents with the necessary tools to protect their family and homes from danger through the opening of a new business in Glenwood.

Ouachita Mountain Armory is the dream of Rick and Sarah Cowart. The Cowarts, who live in Glenwood, are hoping to bring a business to the community that will provide equipment, education, and training in the area of self defense.

Sarah and Rick Cowart

The new business is a result of their own decision to arm themselves a few years ago. Rick stated in a press release that he and his wife purchased a handgun in 2014 in an attempt to defend themselves. They also took classes and received concealed carry permits.

Their decision to arm themselves led them to realize there was a need in the community for items that offer safety to their friends and neighbors. Rick started making Kydex holsters and started a business named TORC Tactical Kydex LLC.

He drew on his faith for the name of his business with TORC being short for “The Old Rugged Cross.”

TORC Tactical Kydex LLC grew to include the sale of pepper spray, stun guns and concealed carry purses. They also are an authorized dealer of Buck knives.

The Cowarts wanted to offer more to the community. God, family, and America are all things that are very important to the them.

Rick is a 1991 graduate of Caddo Hills. He surrendered to the ministry in 2011and served as a youth pastor at Norman First Baptist Church until he was asked to serve as the Associational Missionary at Caddo River Baptist Association.

Sarah is a 1994 graduate of Glenwood High School and has taught at Centerpoint for 16 years where she currently teaches social studies to fourth graders.

Their connection to the community has led them to seek a way to take their current company to a new level. The result is Ouachita Mountain Armory LLC (OMA).

They purpose of the new company is to expand their self defense tools to include firearms, ammunition, optics, accessories, prepper supplies, and many other items that can be used to protect and sustain one’s family.

Rick stated recently that when one looks at the area there is a need for an authorized firearms dealer who can offer a service to everyone in the community. The Cowarts are in the early stages of launching OMA and are looking for the help of the community.

Their plans are to launch an Indiegogo campaign for the business. Rick stated that crowdfunding is a way for many people to contribute funds to a worthy cause.

The Cowarts want to do more than just equip people for self defense. They have pledged to donate one percent of all proceeds from the business to  victims of violent crimes. Participating in the Indiegogo campaign allows area residents an opportunity to participate in the support of local victims of violent crimes.

Ouachita Mountain Armory can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Information regarding the launch of the Indiegogo campaign can be found on their social media accounts.