Bank’s offer accepted; Mineral Springs police to relocate


    Diamond Bank sweetened the offer and the city of Mineral Springs went for it.

    In a special session, Thursday afternoon, the Mineral Springs City Council unanimously approved moving the town police headquarters into space offered by the bank.

    The bank’s first enticement — in addition to free utilities — was a $10,000 annual stipend. By letter, the bank upped the stipend offer to $15,000 payable at the beginning of the year of the agreement.

    On Alderman James Jeanes’ motion, the council voted 3-0 in favor. Present were council members Jeanes, Steve Dixon and Charles Deloney. Absent was member Vera Marks.

    Before the meeting, Mayor Bobby Tullis told the ‘News-Leader’ that the attractive offer was 10% of the town’s budget for police. The city also stands to save about $2,500 on police station utility bills.

    The bank will re-configure space formerly used by its in-house insurance agency, and will also pay the utilities. Apparently, other law enforcement agencies will also have access to the space at times.

    Earlier in the week, Bob Jamison, market president for the bank’s Nashville and Mineral Springs branches, made the offer to the council. He also emphasized that the bank had no intention of moving from Mineral Springs.

    The bank was hit by a quartet of armed robbers in July of 2016. No one was injured, but the team made a getaway and no money was recovered. A group of four, all from Tulsa, have been arrested, charged and are in jail in Nashville awaiting trial.

    Thursday’s special MS council meeting lasted four minutes.