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Mount Ida street repairs on the way

Spots like this one on South Drive helped state officials agree to offer the city of Mount Ida assistance with some of their street repairs.

MOUNT IDA – Mount Ida will see some much needed improvements made on three of the busier streets in town thanks to the State Aid Street Program.
Mayor Jo Childress shared the news with the city aldermen and women Monday night before they passed a resolution making it possible for the city to gain funds from the state fund to make certain street repairs.
Mayor Childress told the council that she had met with state employees to evaluate which streets could be best served by the program. They decided to overlay all of South Drive, Abernathy Street to the ABC building and George Street near the school.
She wasn’t sure of a dollar amount on the project yet but felt confident it would be over $400,000. The State Aid Street Program will pay 100 percent of the reconstruction and resurfacing of the streets mentioned which includes construction and construction engineering.
The mayor thanked Brookie Mayberry for finding the program.
At the beginning of the meeting Alderman Rick Farmer reminded Mayor Childress and the rest of the council that they needed to formally organize the council as required by state law. He sited Act 235, which amended A.C.A. 14-43-501 regarding the organization at the beginning of a new year of the governing bodies of cities and towns.
The council went over the steps of organizing their governing body and chose to organize without any changes to their procedures.
Mayor Childress reported that many of the faulty street lights had been fixed.
The council approved the minutes of a special called meeting regarding increased sewer rates.

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