HMH Gala set Feb. 25 in Nashville


    By Louie Graves
    News-Leader staff

    Nothing in the price of a ticket goes for the gourmet buffet, music or refreshment because of highly-valued sponsors who have already underwritten those expenses.

    It means that practically all proceeds of ticket sales to the annual Howard Memorial Hospital Foundation Gala go to the foundation’s causes, the foundation director told Nashville Rotarians last week.

    The foundation’s 12th annual event is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 25, and it will be in the lavishly-decorated Futrell Marine warehouse in the ‘old Coca-Cola’ building at the corner of Second and Hempstead Streets in Nashville. There will be valet parking.

    Foundation director Amelia Moorer described the 2017 gala as “The hottest event for the coolest cause.” The theme is Fire & Ice. Red, black or white formal attire is requested.

    Moorer said that the gala is the foundation’s biggest fund-raiser. She described the Nashville area as “a little town with a lot of big hearts,” which enables the foundation to raise its funds. Most moneys raised this year will go for improvements in the hospital lobby and in the medical office building. Last year’s successful gala enabled the hospital to upgrade hospital beds.

    She encouraged Rotarians to purchase tickets. “Even if you don’t come, you can send donations.”

    Carol Murray presided at the meeting.