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Montgomery County election results


Montgomery County voters voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Cinton in the presidential race by more than a 3:1 margin. Senator Boozman and Congressman Westerman won the county handily as well.

All results are unofficial and include Early Voting, Absentee and Election Day results.


Donald J. Trump (R)    2,573

Hillary Clinton (D)        735



Conner Eldridge (D)    967

John Boozman (R)      2,301


U.S. House of Representatives District 4:

Kerry Hicks (L)            612

Bruce Westerman (R) 2,621


State Representative District 20:

John Maddox (R)        2,225

Henry T. Nielson (I)     530


Glenwood Recorder/Treasurer:

Patti Jean Parker (I)        12

Sharon Wisener Noble (I) 13


Glenwood Alderman South Ward 1:

Billy Plyler (I)       15

John R. Powell (I)  10


Mount Ida Recorder/Treasurer:

Lillian Farmer (I)   129

Carlyn Hall (I)       183

Issue #1 (Term Limits)

For                   2,254

Against             1,090

Issue #2 (Governor retaining powers/duties when absent)

For                  2,317

Against            1,031


Issue #3 (Job creation/expansion/economic development)

For                  2,146

Against            1,194


Issue #6 (Medical marijuana)

For                 1,653

Against           1,788

Glenwood Special Election

For                       2

Against               25

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