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Boutique offers variety to rock collectors


If your looking for all things shiny then the Rockhound Boutique is the place for you.
Located just off Highway 27 North on Twin Circle Road, Rockhound Boutique is the newest rock shop in Montgomery County. To call it a rock shop though is an understatement.
Ownex-ribbon-cutting-2rs Dixie and Bobby Fecho have a wide selection of rocks, crystals and other items for sale. The Fecho’s, who also own Twin Creek’s Mine in Montgomery County, have an impressive collection of crystals, quartz and fossils for sale.
Dixie stated that Bobby has been trading quartz from the mine for all manner of crystals and rocks over the years. This has helped them amass an inventory of rocks from all over the world.
x-ribbon-cutting-3They also have a nice selection of women’s clothing and eagle figurines created by Bobby. Bobby adorns the eagles with crystal points to give them a unique appearance.
The boutiqe doesn’t have regular hours, but Dixie said if the mine is open the store is open.
Check them out of Facebook.  x-ribbon-cutting-4