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Garden Party: Nashville Elementary opens outdoor classroom

Ben Wallis (left) and Michael Eudy (right) sing "Garden Party" Monday at the opening of the NES campus garden.

By John R. Schirmer
News-Leader staff

As teachers Michael Eudy and Ben Wallis sang their version of “Garden Party,” Nashville Elementary School opened its student garden Monday morning.

The garden is located behind the building and is focused on helping students apply what they learn in an indoor classroom to an outdoor classroom.

Principal Latito Williams recognized elementary teacher Twyla Nichols who “has worked so hard on this after hours. There’s so much she has done.”

The outdoor classroom will be set up within a few days in conjunction with the garden, Williams said.

Master Gardener Deb Bolding has assisted with the project. She commended the school and students for their involvement.

Arkansas Secretary of Agriculture Wes Ward spoke to the audience of sixth graders, parents, community volunteers and teachers.

He told the students that Arkansas is ranked near or at the top in many categories of agricultural production. “We’re proud of what we do as a state and look forward to working with the school,” Ward said.

Later, Ward said that the garden lab is “great. So many people have helped. This shows community involvement and support for the school. I’m really impressed. The kids will learn a lot of basic math skills, discipline, work ethic and responsibility in addition to learning a lot about agriculture. They’ll see what it takes to produce food, the time and effort involved.”

Eudy and Wallis wrapped up the program with their remake of the 1970s hit “Garden Party,” adapted to the elementary school project.

Students served refreshments afterward and answered questions from those who attended.


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