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Arkansas “Rocks” finding joy in out of the way places


A popular video game claims “Ya gotta catch ‘em all”, but the Arkansas “Rocks” group in Montgomery County hopes area residents are looking for more of a “catch and release” type of activity.
The group is made up of local residents who are looking to bring a little cheer into the lives of those around them. They hope to do so by sharing their artwork throughout the community and encouraging others to participate.
Participation is simple. Just pay attention to your surroundings. Painted rocks are left laying everywhere. You might find one on your doorstep, or at the grocery store. You are asked to take a photo of the rock where you found it and post it on the Arkansas Rocks Facebook page.
Once you post a photo you have two options. You can either find a new hiding place for the rock, or keep it and paint another one to hide.
The idea makes its way to Montgomery County via a resident who has asked to remain anonymous. This person is a dual resident with homes in Arkansas and Texas. She received a rock while at her home in Texas and was hooked on the idea.
The goal of the group is to bring a little cheer into the lives of those around us while providing an avenue for our artistic side.
Painting rocks is nothing new, nor are scavenger hunts. What Arkansas “Rocks” hopes to do is use the two activities together to bring a some much needed happiness to local communities.
Participants can get as creative as they want with their artwork, but are asked to keep in mind anyone might find their rocks once their placed. Rock decorations can include anything from inspirational messages to elaborate artwork.
Participants are also asked to be respectful of private property and have fun.
Although the activity is fairly new to the area it has roots in Brazoria County Texas. One can visit their Facebook page for inspiration and examples of how a few minutes out of your day can brighten the life of someone else.
Brazoria County’s rock enthusiasts have rock hiding parties for kids and adults alike. Hopefully similar parties will be planned in the future for Montgomery County.
For more information on Arkansas Rocks visit their Facebook page.

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