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Obituary: Phyllis Ann Bagley; Nashville


Phyllis Ann Bagley, age 76 of Nashville, Ark., passed away peacefully Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2016 in Nashville.

She was born July 1,1940, in Nashville to Sherrell and Nadine Babbitt Turner. Most of her life’s story was written several years ago in a poem called “Mrs. Howard County One:”

She takes care of Howard County One and also the jail,

She sees a speck of dust, grabs a mop and pail,

Makes many a trip up and down a very crooked stair,

Has two lovely children she gives lots of loving care.

Serves plenty of coffee as well as some pretty good meals,

Tries to talk with each prisoner and see how he feels,

Always pleasant and smiling and very seldom gets cross,

Until someone gets smart she’ll let them know whose boss.

All the drunks and cursing she will accept with a smile,

She’ll take all of that nonsense for just a very little while,

But when it goes too far she will really blow her top,

And let them know right quick all that mess had better stop.

I need a pack of cigarettes, I’ve got to have an aspirin for my head,

If you don’t call me a doctor I may soon be dead,

I need some matches, some coffee and even a box of Garrett snuff,

You’ve got to open some windows it’s just not cool enough.

I just have to see that sheriff and also use that telephone,

No one knows where I am and I’ve just got to call home,

I’ve searched through my pockets but I can’t find even a dime,

But if you will just let me out I’ll sure pay my fine.

Got me all locked up when I only had one little can of beer,

I’ll tell you right now I’m one man that shouldn’t be here,

If you don’t let me out I might tear this place apart,

It takes lot more than words to get those bars to part.

I want to see some visitors, get me some more clean clothes,

The way I’m suffering now there is just no one knows,

You can just look at me I’m just about out on my feet,

I’m starving to death; it should be about time to eat.

She covers many a mile of walking in the course of a day,

There’s lots more time for work than there is for play,

And in the job she has there is lots and lots to be done,

In addition to that take care of Howard County One.

It takes lots of patience and pride, she possesses lots of these,

Despite all the complaints she does her best to please,

Whatever the problem maybe they’ll both get the job done,

Our Sheriff Conrad Bagley and Mrs. Howard County One.”

By: Houston H. Loyd

Preceding her in death were her father and a brother, Harold Turner.

Her survivors include: her mother, Nadine Turner of Kirby, Ark.; two children, Michael Shane Bagley of Nashville, and Connie Bagley Gordy of Nashville; three grandchildren, Miranda Gordy Looper, Amber Gordy, and Kayla Wells. A large host of other family and friends. A private memorial service will be held at a later date. You may send the family an online sympathy message to www.nashvillefh.com.