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Netters take 3 wins in recent matches

Glenn Hartness

The Scrapper and Scrapperette tennis teams picked up wins in three recent matches. They defeated Arkadelphia, Fountain Lake and Hope.


The Scrapperettes defeated Arkadelphia 9-0 in District 7-4A competition Sept. 1.

Results from singles include the following: Olivia Herzog def. Colleen Lloyd 6-0. McKenzie Morphew def. Olivia Dixon 6-1. Leslie Lingo def. Shelly Smith 6-0. Kendall Kirchhoff def. Kylea Overton 6-0. Maddie Pinkerton def. Olivia Harford 6-0. Amber Barnett def. Rebekah Warner 6-1.

In doubles, Herzog and Kirchhoff def. Lloyd and Dixon 6-0. Morphew and Lingo def. Fateema Faiq and Warner 6-0. Maddie PInkerton and Barnett def. Smith and Overton 6-1.

The Scrappers defeated Arkadelphia 7-2.

In singles, Glenn Hartness def. Tyler Sells 6-0. Zach Backus def. Drew Webb 6-1. Caleb def. Jack Pennington 6-2. Zack Williams def. Chris LeVar 6-1. Eli Howard lost to Harrison Shuffield 0-6. Wilians def. Tyler Allen 6-2.

Results from doubles include Hartness and Backus over Sells and Drew Webb 6-2. Newton and Howard lost to Shuffield and Allen 1-6. Newton and Howard def. Evans and Aiden McMurray 6-0.

Fountain Lake

The Scrapperettes defeated Fountain Lake 7-0 in district play Sept. 6.

In singles, Barnett def. Kaitlyn Bledsoe 8-4. Herzog def. Amie Westerman 8-3. Morphew def. Victoria Pike 8-4. Lingo def. Pike 6-1.

In doubles, Herog and Kirchhoff def. Kristen Brown and Bledsoe 8-1. Morphew and Lingo def. Pike and Westerman 8-4. Herzog and Kirchhoff def. Brown and Westerman 8-2.

The Scrappers won 6-1 at Fountain Lake.

In singles, Williams def. Jackson Keese 8-4. Backus def. Cooper Keese 8-1. Williams def. Riley Fields 801.

Doubles results include Hartness and Backus over Mark Knappier and Zack Butler 8-0. Newtn and Howard def. Ethan Westerman and Hayden Beckwith 8-6. Hartness and Backus def. Westerman and Beckwith 8-1. Newton and Howard lost to Knappier and Butler 3-8.


The Scrapperettes defeated Hope 6-0 Monday afternoon at the Nashville City Park.

In doubles, Barnett def. Cheyenne Newman 8-0. Pinkerton def. Mayra Garcia 8-0.

In doubles, Herzog and Kirchhoff def. Tristen Jones and Kemia Green 8-0. Morphew and Lingo def. Shelbie Godwin and Hanna McCorkle 8-0. Herzog and Kirchhoff def. Shelbie Brown and McCorkle 8-1. Morphew and Lingo def. Jones and Green 8-0.

The Scrappers defeated Hope 2-0 in singles. Backus def. Clarence Mayberry 8-0. Williams def. Mayberry 8-0.

There were no boys doubles matches.

Both teams traveled to Magnolia Tuesday afternoon.

McKenzie Morphew
McKenzie Morphew
Leslie Lingo
Kendall Kirchoff
Kendall Kirchoff


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