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Three of four involved in Mineral Springs bank robbery arrested


The July 25 armed robbery of a Mineral Springs bank branch may have been solved.

Police in Oklahoma have arrested three persons, and an arrest warrant for a fourth has been issued.

The group is suspected to have been involved in several other bank robberies, according to Howard County Sheriff Bryan McJunkins, who said that several law enforcement agencies had been working hard on the case.

Those arrested Wednesday in Tulsa, Okla., included Bobby Padillow, 24, black male; Tatyana McBee, 18, black female; and Bryon Colman, 30, black male, all of Tulsa.

Further arrests are expected an the investigation is continuing, according to Sheriff McJunkins.

Lead investigators have been Arkansas State Police Special Investigators John Rhone and Corwin Battle. Officers from the Howard County Sheriff’s Office, Nashville Police Department, Mineral Springs Police Department and the FBI have all been involved.

The ASP investigators, Howard County Investigator Blake Eudy and Nashville Police Investigator Larry Marion, went to Tulsa last week, accompanied by an FBI official, and worked with the Tulsa Police Department to make the arrests.

The amount taken in the robbery has not been announced. Nothing has been recovered, the sheriff told the “News-Leader” Thursday.

The four robbers burst into the Mineral Springs branch of Diamond Bank at about 3 p.m., and were inside the bank for less than two minutes. Two were armed, and pointed their semi-automatic firearms at the two bank employees and one customer who were inside. Security cameras caught the robbery. Two of then leaped over the counter and filled bags with cash from the drawers. Then they fled the bank on back streets.

Clothing they wore was found discarded in the city park about six blocks away.