Home Breaking News Nashville school building project wraps up with $455,000 left over

Nashville school building project wraps up with $455,000 left over


By John R. Schirmer

Leader staff

The Nashville School District recently completed its four-phase facilities improvement project with a balance of almost $455,000 in its building fund, according to Superintendent Doug Graham.

“It’s important to report that we completed the project under budget,” Graham said.

“Our patrons approved the project in 2011. With any project, it’s important to do what we say we will do and do it in budget,” Graham said.

“All four projects are completed. All of them are great additions to our school plant. They were all done within the budget. We never went back to ask for more funds.”

Doyle Howard Construction of Delight completed the final phase of the project earlier this year with the new dining room at Nashville High School.

“The high school cafeteria has really turned out nice,” Graham said. “From prom to the sports banquet to daily use of our students, we couldn’t be more pleased with it.”

The facilities project began in 2011 when voters approved a $10 million bond issue. The state added $5 million in partnership funds, resulting in a $15-million building program.

The project included the addition of seven classrooms at NHS and renovating the existing building, a new cafeteria and media center at junior high, Scrapper Arena, and the NHS cafeteria.

With the balance of about $455,000 set aside for new construction, “This certainly gives us funds as we start two rooms at primary,” Graham said. “The money is there to fund the project. We won’t have to dig into operating funds to pay for it.”

In fact, “With a healthy balance in our building fund, we’ll evaluate constructing four rooms instead of two. The estimated cost of two rooms is $400,000, with the district paying $200,000 and the state paying $200,000,” Graham said.

The proposed classrooms will be located on the southwest corner of the existing building.

Construction is expected to begin in June.

Along with the primary school construction, the district will renovate the visitors seating at Scrapper Stadium this summer. Money was worked into the budget last year, according to Graham.

The school board awarded the contract for the project to Stadium Pros earlier this month. The district will construct 1088 seats on the visitors side at a cost of $149,700.

“The board has been patient. We look forward to getting that done,” Graham said.

The visitors seating will be constructed in 16 rows 24 inches deep with an 8-inch rise.