End of an Era


    Nicole Tracy
    The business landscape of Nashville was given a shock when it was announced that Nashville Drug was being purchased by fred’s Pharmacy. Established in 1895, Nashville Drug, “The drug store on the corner”, is the second oldest business in Howard County, and for the past 121 years, was one of the cornerstones of downtown’s Main Street, serving Nashville and the surrounding communities for all their pharmaceutical needs.
    That will no longer be the case, as Nashville Drug was recently purchased by fred’s Pharmacy, and as of Wednesday, May 11, all prescription files held by Nashville Drug would be moved to fred’s Pharmacy, and would be filled there.
    Some of the staff, including Nashville Drug owner/pharmacist Mike Pinegar, were going to be making the move to fred’s Pharmacy as well – ensuring a seamless transition, as well as the same quality customer service that was found at Nashville Drug would still be available at fred’s for their valued customers.
    All of their customer’s current information has been transferred to Nashville’s fred’s Pharmacy, and all one will have to do, if a customer of Nashville Drug, is stop by fred’s to fill or refill your prescription.
    The reasoning behind the sale was explained to their customers by the following statement: “We have had the privilege of serving the pharmacy needs of the Nashville community for many generations, and it is our pleasure to tell you that Nashville Drug has decided to transition ownership of our pharmacy to fred’s Pharmacy. Please understand that this decision was made only after many months of thought, consideration and prayer, but it’s a decision that we are excited to announce.”
    The statement also went on to explain the reasoning behind choosing fred’s Pharmacy, stating “We chose to transition our patients to fred’s Pharmacy because fred’s is a regional chain with a first-class reputation for hometown service. They operate very closely with the way we have served you at Nashville Drug”
    The statement concluded with the following words: “We are grateful for the many years of loyalty you have shown us here at Nashville Drug, and we know you will be well served for years to come.”

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